Pace University: A Beacon of Excellence in Education and Innovation

Pace University, with campuses in New York City and Westchester County, is a premier institution renowned for its dedication to academic excellence, innovative programs, and commitment to student success. Established in 1906 by the Pace brothers, Homer St. Clair Pace and Charles Ashford Pace, the university has grown from a humble accounting school to a comprehensive university offering a wide array of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs.

A Rich History Rooted in Progress

Pace University’s inception was driven by the need to provide quality education in the burgeoning field of business. The Pace brothers recognized the demand for skilled professionals in New York City’s rapidly growing economy and established the Pace Institute to meet this need. Over the decades, Pace expanded its curriculum, incorporating liberal arts, sciences, law, health professions, and more. This evolution reflects the university’s adaptive nature and its ability to stay ahead of educational and industry trends.

Strategic Locations: New York City and Westchester

Pace University’s strategic locations offer students a unique blend of urban and suburban experiences. The New York City campus, located in the heart of lower Manhattan, provides unparalleled access to the city’s cultural, financial, and professional opportunities. Students here benefit from proximity to Wall Street, leading corporations, media giants, and a vibrant arts scene. The campus itself is a dynamic environment, featuring state-of-the-art facilities like the newly renovated One Pace Plaza and the iconic Schimmel Center for the Arts.

In contrast, the Westchester campus in Pleasantville offers a serene and picturesque setting spread across 200 acres of green space. This campus caters to students seeking a traditional college experience with modern amenities. It features extensive athletic facilities, residence halls, and the Environmental Center, which emphasizes Pace’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Academic Excellence and Innovation

Pace University is known for its rigorous academic programs that combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience. The university offers over 100 undergraduate majors and more than 70 graduate programs across its six schools and colleges:

Lubin School of Business: Renowned for its business programs, Lubin is accredited by the AACSB International and consistently ranks among the top business schools in the nation. The school emphasizes experiential learning through internships, co-op programs, and global study opportunities.

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Dyson College of Arts and Sciences: Dyson provides a broad-based education in the arts and sciences, encouraging interdisciplinary studies and critical thinking. The college is also home to the Actors Studio Drama School, which offers one of the most prestigious MFA programs in the country.

Elisabeth Haub School of Law: Recognized for its environmental law program, Haub Law is committed to preparing students for a wide range of legal careers. The school’s proximity to New York City provides students with ample opportunities for internships and clerkships at top law firms and organizations.

College of Health Professions: This college offers cutting-edge programs in nursing, health informatics, and physician assistant studies. Its innovative approach includes simulation labs and partnerships with leading healthcare institutions.

School of Education: The School of Education focuses on preparing future educators with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in diverse and evolving educational environments. The school is known for its strong emphasis on field experience and educational technology.

Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems: Seidenberg is at the forefront of technology education, offering programs in computer science, information systems, and cybersecurity. The school’s location in New York City provides students with unique opportunities to engage with the tech industry.

Commitment to Experiential Learning

Pace University’s educational philosophy is deeply rooted in experiential learning. The university’s robust internship and co-op programs are integral to this approach, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in their chosen fields. Pace’s Career Services department partners with over 1,000 employers, providing students with access to a vast network of internship opportunities. This emphasis on real-world experience ensures that graduates are well-prepared to enter the workforce and make immediate contributions to their professions.

A Hub for Research and Innovation

Research is a cornerstone of Pace University’s mission. Faculty and students engage in cutting-edge research across various disciplines, often collaborating on projects that address critical societal issues. The university’s Center for Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURE) promotes student research through funding, mentorship, and presentation opportunities. Additionally, Pace’s entrepreneurship initiatives, such as the Pace University Entrepreneurship Lab (eLab), foster innovation and support aspiring entrepreneurs in developing and launching their ventures.

Diversity and Inclusion

Pace University prides itself on its diverse and inclusive community. The university’s student body represents a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, creating a vibrant and dynamic learning environment. Pace is committed to promoting equity and inclusion through various programs and initiatives, including the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Center for Community Action and Research. These efforts ensure that all students feel valued and supported throughout their educational journey.

Alumni Success and Impact

Pace University’s alumni network is a testament to the institution’s impact and reach. Graduates have gone on to excel in various fields, including business, law, healthcare, arts, and public service. Notable alumni include Ivan G. Seidenberg, former CEO of Verizon Communications; Richard J. Solomon, former President of the United States Institute of Peace; and actress and activist Pia Toscano. The university’s strong emphasis on career readiness and professional development ensures that alumni are well-equipped to achieve their goals and make meaningful contributions to society.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Pace University

As Pace University continues to evolve, its commitment to providing a transformative education remains steadfast. The university is focused on expanding its academic programs, enhancing its facilities, and strengthening its community partnerships. Initiatives such as the ongoing Pace Forward strategic plan aim to position the university as a leader in higher education, known for its innovative approach and dedication to student success.

In conclusion, Pace University stands as a beacon of excellence, offering a unique blend of rigorous academics, practical experience, and a supportive community. Its strategic locations, diverse programs, and commitment to innovation make it a compelling choice for students seeking a dynamic and impactful educational experience. As it moves forward, Pace University is poised to continue shaping the leaders and innovators of tomorrow, making a lasting impact on the world.