Money Earning Apps Without Investment in 2024

With the advent of money earning online in India, people have got the opportunity to earn money. Everyone can increase their income. Students have also got the opportunity to earn money online from real money making apps so that they can meet their expenses and the working man and the housewife can also earn side income. These apps are an opportunity to earn money from phone. No degree is needed for this.

With the help of these apps, you can earn money sitting at home or anywhere, these apps can be used by sparing some free time. Let us tell you which are the real money making apps which give you money.

Types of money earning apps without investment in 2024

Cashback Apps

There are some apps which give you offers as per the offer. On making payment or purchasing something through these apps, these apps give you cashback on the percentage (%) given in the offer i.e. how much rupees you have paid as per the offer. Out of that amount, you will get some of your money back. These are real money making apps, they deposit your cashback in your account.

Referral apps

Some of the real money earning apps give commission on referral. If you refer your app to your friends and family, then you will get commission on whoever downloads the app on his phone with your shared referral code. You will get this option in the app settings itself. Apps like Upi, Gaming give an opportunity to earn money by referral

Freelancing app

Freelancing simply means doing or working online. These apps are real money earning apps through which you can earn money by working through your skills.

Work like data entry graphics design writing marketing.

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Gaming apps

There are many money earning apps without investment in 2024 in the market through which you can earn money by playing online games and you can also withdraw them.

Survey apps

These apps provide you the facility of online survey. Big companies and brands take product reviews from the public. You can sing up on these real money earning apps and give your opinion on their products. These apps also give you money for that. It gives you just you have to survey the product.

Task based apps

Tasks like watching given videos, watching ads or downloading apps are given for which money is paid.

Now let us tell you about those real money earning apps.

Money earning apps without investment in 2024

  1. Earn Karo
  2. Swag bucks
  3. Google Opinion Rewards
  4. Roz Dhan
  5. Earn Easy
  6. Loco
  7. WinZo
  8. Meesho
  9. Task bucks
  10. Pocket money
  11. My 11 Circle

Earn karo

This is such a real money earning app from where you can easily earn money, there are more than 300 brands available on this platform, on this you have to promote the brands, you will be given an affiliate link which you can share with your friends and family on social media. Whoever buys something from your link will get commission. Here the work of promoting brands like popular retailers filpkart amazon mantra adidas


Swagbuck is one of the very famous real money earning apps, on it you will be given tasks like playing quiz games, solving questions, creating projects, apart from this, this is the best app to earn money, you can discover new products. And you can take surveys. You can earn good money by doing surveys of any product. Here you can take surveys on new products and win cash or gift cards. You will get some money as soon as you sign up in this app.

Google opinion rewards

This app is a real money earning app created by the team of Google. This app is used to earn money online. This app is easily available from Google Play Store. Download it, after that you have to submit the form and sign by answering some asked questions. After doing it, Google will give you a survey task. You will get one or two tasks in a week on which you have to do a survey and give your opinion and you will start earning. Google gives money in dollars, for this you will have to use an app like PayPal.

Roz dhan

You can earn money daily on Rozdhan, for this you have to be active on this app i.e. you have to use it daily, in this you can do news reading, play free puzzle games, play quizzes, this is a real money earning app, with this you can immediately earn money. You can earn money by completing tasks. You can earn up to Rs 300. You will receive Rs 50 as soon as you sign up.

Earn Easy

Earn easy is the best app for earning online.

Because this is a real money earning app, it gives you rewards for completing some tasks, this reward is given to you through bank transfer or UPI. This app gives you some applications to download, which you can earn by downloading. With this, it gives rewards on recharging your mobile, doing some online shopping, booking train tickets, you will get Rs 50 in your account just after signing up, earn Rs 2500 to Rs 3000 online from this real money making app by completing daily tasks. can do


Loco app does live streaming of online games

Here online games are played and you can earn by winning the games. Money can also be earned by live streaming of popular games like pubg fifa free fire and you can also watch live gaming of other gamers. Here you can play Ludo Carrom with multiple players. can play pool battle games quiz


Winzo is also a gaming platform which provides a list of different types of games which can be played and earn real money. Like other gaming apps, this is also a real money earning app where games like pokar rummy ludo can be played with multiple players. Can be played with family and friends. Big prizes can also be won by playing daily tournaments and can be earned by winning challenge games.


Meesho is an e commerce platform. It gives an opportunity to small businessmen to earn online. With the help of this app, they can start their online shop through social media. By reselling different products like house clothes, makeup items (beauty products) on Meesho. You can earn money online and with the help of this real money earning app, you can also do affiliate marketing on your social media and earn online.

Task bucks

Task Bucks is also similar to some task based real money earning apps given above, in this also you can earn money by playing games, quizzes and doing surveys and completing tasks like downloading and promoting ads of the apps given in the task. can earn real money

Pocket money

Pocket money app gives many opportunities to earn real cash. This app allows you to do some easy tasks like watching videos and mobile recharge.


My 11 circle app is an online cricket sports platform

And it is very famous. This app allows you to create your own team by selecting players and make them compete with other teams. It gives you a chance to win real cash and also gives you a chance to earn money by referring.

what have you learned :

You can earn money with the help of the given Money earning apps without investment in 2024. All these apps are also available on Android and iOS. You can earn your side income from them. All these apps are available for free.

If you find any mistake in our information, please let us know. This information has been given to increase the income of the people. If it proved helpful to you, then let us know.

Do you really get cash from Real Money Earning Apps?

You can make earnings from the given apps and can also withdraw from your bank account through other means.

Can you earn daily from Real Money Earning Apps?

Yes, there are some of these apps which give instant cash like gaming apps and you can earn every day from rewards and cashback.

Do I have to invest in Real Money Earning Apps?

There is no need of investment in all types of apps like apps made on task but some apps can be like this, there are some games in which money has to be invested before playing but there is no need to invest much money, you can invest as per your convenience.

Are Real Money Earning Apps safe?

All these apps are very famous and popular and have millions of users and are also available with good ratings and are safe.

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