How Student Can Make Online Money Without Investment ?

There are many opportunities for students to earn money online through which you can earn money sitting at home by spending a little time. If you have skills and knowledge then you can earn money from many websites and social media platforms without investment.

Here are some points by which students can earn money online sitting at home without investment.

  1. Freelancing
  2. Online Tutoring
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Bloging
  5. Youtube
  6. Photography

1. Freelancing : How Student Can Make Online Money Without Investment

Freelancing is a good flat form. There are many businessmen and companies here who get work done by others as per their need. Here you can get a good job. Here you can do any work according to your skill and talent like Data Entry, Video editing, Content writing, Translation. You can do work like photography, typing, copywriting, graphic design, voice over, audio translate for others and make money. If you do not know any work then you can learn the work from sources like YouTube, Google article book and others. can work for

2. Online Tutoring

You can earn money by giving online education. If you have teaching skills and good knowledge, then this is a good opportunity for you. You can give online classes to children on any subject. You can give classes by posting videos and give solutions to problems related to any subject to children and teach them how to make projects.

  1. Youtube
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram

On these platforms, you can make your own videos and teach others any work you know and earn money. Apart from this, you can also educate by creating a blog.

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3. Affiliate marketing

You can earn a very good commission by selling the product of any company. For this you should have a large number of people. You can encourage online people to buy the product. The more people buy the product from the link given by you, the more commission you will get. will get for this

You have to create a page on any social media like Facebook, Instagram. By creating a page on such sites for any purpose, you can get a lot of followers and earn money by promoting the product to your followers.


Blog is a popular medium, here you can share your thoughts and your knowledge by writing. If you have good knowledge of something. Here you can write your thoughts on any topic like a story, motivational speech, or write information about anything and apart from this you can also give education, create a blog and write on how to solve questions related to any subject. If you can write on any topic then blogging is a good option for you.

 5. YouTube

YouTube is a very good means of earning money, here you can earn money by creating your own content videos. YouTube But there are many opportunities available where you can share your skills, experience and lifestyle with people.  According to your skills, talent and knowledge, you can become a content creator by creating any channel on YouTube.

  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Acting
  • Dance
  • You can make gaming videos


If you have photography skills then you can sell your photos on any photography website like Shutter Stock and earn income.

what have you learned :

Today in this article you learned how any student can earn money online without investment? (How Students Can Make Money Online Without Investment?). In which some points have been mentioned, on the basis of these points you can decide which of these tasks is better for you. If so, then you too can earn money sitting at home. We hope that this article will definitely bring some change in your life.

How can students earn money online without investment?

Yes, any student can earn money online without investing, for which some methods have also been mentioned, these methods are Freelancing, Online Tutoring, Affiliate Marketing Blogging, YouTube and Photography.

Do you have to spend money to earn money online?

To earn money online it is not necessary that you have to spend money. There are many platforms on the internet which are absolutely free in which you can earn money online. These platforms include Freelancing, Online Tutoring, Affiliate Marketing Blogging, YouTube and Photography.