Way to earn money from Google – Best way

Today we will talk about this long and difficult journey made by Google from its beginning to achieving success, in which we will also talk about its creator and the people who took it to this point and the changes it has made in itself over time. will talk. We will also talk about the many important benefits it provides, the most important feature of which is that through it we can get any type of information at any time.

Due to this, our lifestyle has been so affected today that our journey from earning to spending money is linked to it.  It plays an important role in our life because its correct information helps us a lot in our work. And today with its help we are starting to earn like this and due to its various branches it has helped us in our bank related and market related work.

A Brief History of Google

Google was started 25 years ago in the year 1998 in California, United States of America. Which has been founded by two people named Leri Page and Sargi Brin. The word Google is derived from the mathematical word googol.And its first name was BackRub, whose work was only to help the people in reaching the correct information given by them to their readers and after the changes that came with time, now this people earns its income by giving the right information on Google. Gives a good portion and today it is used in many areas of the world.

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Today it has become a very big organization or company in the world, which once started its journey with a small software computer kept in a small room and it is continuing till today, which today has many companies present all over the world. Today its headquarters is located several kilometers away and today it has become a source of income for many people.

way to earn money from google

With the help of blog

When we have any kind of information and it is of manifold benefit to other people as well, about which many people are excited to know and that information is beneficial for everyone, then Google provides a facility through which By giving that information, we can earn money and that too sitting at home, for which we do not need to wander anywhere.

For this, we have a facility of Google named Blogger on which if we give beautiful information, if people like that information, Google sends us a verification code, then it earns money by showing advertisements on that information and a good profit from it. share we give

We can earn money from Google in many ways, such as by providing many facilities like entertainment, games, news and business, but the only condition is that there is no fraud in the facilities and information provided by us to the people. So that people’s trust in Google remains intact.

Google AdSense

After creating a good blog, we will connect Google Adsense with the blog. We have to submit our blog or website in Google Adsense. After submitting, we have to put the Adsense code in the header of our blog, after that we just have to wait. The Google Adsense team will verify that blog thoroughly, after which Google Adsense approval will be given. After getting the approval of Google Adsense, we can place ADs on our blog, with the help of which we can earn. This is the way to earn money from Google. Which is considered the best method.

Many important branches of Google

  1. Google
  2. Google Adsence
  3. Google Payment
  4. Google ADX
  5. Chrome
  6. Web Browser
  7. Google Contact
  8. Google Map
  9. Google Calender
  10. Google Docs
  11. Google Sites
  12. Google Meet
  13. Google Chat
  14. Google Cloud
  15. Google Search Engine
  16. Google Blogger
  17. Google Android
  18. Google Mail
  19. Google E-Mail
  20. Google Image
  21. Google Wallpaper
  22. Google Theme
  23. Google Digi Loacker

There are countless such applications given to us by Google, many of which are free, for some we have to pay, while for many we have to use them. Google also gives us a part of the income from it.


Today we have seen one of the biggest companies in the world named Google which is known by every person and even small children and uses it to get new information every day and today many important works like bank work and government work are done. Work and any kind of forms can be filled at home and changes can be made in them, which was impossible or difficult to do without the help of Google. Google has given us many facilities with the help of which modernity has rapidly entered our lifestyle.

We hope that the information provided by us (Google Se Paise Kamane Ka Tarika) is useful to you in some way and you liked it, so you share the information provided by us with your friends, relatives and relatives and like us. It is a great pleasure for us if you have read the information provided by us, for which we thank you and wish you all the best.

Is using Google completely safe?

Yes, using Google is completely safe.

What is the date of creation of Google?

The date of creation of Google is 27 September.

How many years has Google been around? (2023)

In the year 2023, Google is now 25 years old.

What is most searched on Google in India?

IPL is the most searched name on Google in India.

What is the main function of Google?

The main function of Google is to satisfy us by answering the questions asked by us.

By what name was Google previously known?

Google was earlier known as Backrub.

Can we earn money sitting at home from Blogger?

Yes, we can earn money sitting at home with Blogger.

What is the way to earn money from Google?

There are many ways to earn money from Google but the best way is by creating a blog on Blogger. Blogger is a free platform of Google.