How to earn money living in village

You can earn money even by living in the village. If you live in the village and do not have any work then we can help you so that you will be able to choose a good work for yourself so that you can earn money by living in the village. If you are unable to earn money by going outside the village then you can find a good job for yourself in the village.Nowadays, there are many work opportunities available, for this you will need some investment from you, but it can be a bit difficult for a person living in a village to invest. Friends, it is difficult to work without investment, so you can work for yourself by taking a loan from somewhere. can start

Apart from this, there are ways for you to earn money online which does not require investment. You can earn money online along with your work. There is no need to worry, there are many jobs for you which you can do in the village.

How to earn money living in village

By opening a vegetable and fruit shop in the village.

Friends, you can open your own vegetable shop in the village, which will do very well because there is no market in the village and even if there is one, it is not that big. You can open a shop in a place where more people live, there is demand for fruits and vegetables in the village. There are a lot of vegetables in the village; you can rent a shop to sell them. If you are unable to rent a shop then you can set up a vegetable cart somewhere. This will not require much investment. You can buy a cart or rent it from somewhere or you can sell it at your home.

You can buy and sell fruits and vegetables from somewhere else. You can bring them from any nearby city. If you have a farm, you can grow vegetables and do your own small business and earn money by living in the village.

2.Opening a milk dairy

In earlier times, most of the villagers did animal husbandry and there were animals in every house, but nowadays not everyone does animal husbandry. Check once in your village whether people have demand for dairy products or not and then invest in dairy. You can open a dairy at your home or open a shop nearby and sell milk products along with milk. You can buy and sell good brand dairy products. Apart from this, you can also start milk production at your home. You can earn a good amount of money in this and can also go to nearby places and sell dairy products.

3.Coaching Centre.

If you have studied well, have passed 12th or are a graduate, then this is an opportunity for you. You can give coaching to children in your village and take money from them for every subject.

There is a lot of demand for coaching in villages and in some villages, good education is not available even in schools. In such a situation, you can teach children and there is no need of any investment in it.

If you need a good place for coaching, you can run it well in your home or you can take any vacant house or room on rent. Since school is open during the day, children can take coaching only in the evening. Therefore, in your free time, you can also go to study in a private school near you and you can earn money by living in the village and do 2 jobs in a day.

4.Food Stall

You can go anywhere in the village and open a food stall, which can earn you a good amount of money. People like home food as well as outside food and the things available at the stall are not available at home, hence the stall also. This is possible, it will definitely require a little investment of around Rs 10 to 15 thousand, which you can borrow from anywhere and invest.

5.Pani Puri

Friends, you can set up a Pani Puri stall anywhere and this is the most popular stall. You can easily earn Rs 15,000 to 20,000 from it. For this, you can make Pani Puri at home or if there is a nearby city, get it made from there. You can bring it and sell it, you can also roam around in the village so that you will get customers.

6.Tea Stall

You might have heard that tea is a small business. You might have seen that a tea stall is a small one and this might be going on in your mind that the earning from tea might be very less but the tea stall gives the highest earning even though it looks like it. Tea stall and stall owner looks poor But tea is very popular and is sold a lot. Those who are crazy about tea, they drink tea every half an hour and if you get a good number of customers, then this small stall of yours will help you earn money while staying in the village and you can invest more. There is no need for this, you can also sell food items along with it.

If you are thinking of opening a food stall, then you can also sell things according to the season like Barf Gola ice cream in summer. The best place to open a stall would be the railway station of the village, where there is a crowd and passengers will come to the stall as they come and go. If there is a market or school or college at another place.


You can open any shop in your village. In this, you need to see what is the demand in the village. You can open a shop according to that. You can open a grocery shop because everyone needs groceries in the village. Therefore, you can earn money by opening a shop and living in the village. People can bring goods to the shop as per their requirement and sell them like pulses, rice, tea, sugar, spices and food items.

8.Mini Bank

Bank facility is not available in most of the villages. Bank facility is available only in the city. If there is no bank in your village then you can open a mini bank in the village. There is also a need of a bank in the village. Many people have a house in their house. Any member of the village is an earner outside and can transfer money to his family from there. Some people also have to deposit money. Mini bank is the best way to earn money while living in the village.

To open a mini bank, you just have to go to the bank branch with the necessary documents, after that you will have to apply for the kiosk, after that the bank will call you and help you in opening a mini bank and you will be able to earn 30-40 thousand.


You can also open an E mitra shop in your village. Nowadays the government is running many schemes for the villagers. Poor people also want to take advantage of those schemes. In such a situation, to avail the benefits of these schemes, apply for the scheme with the necessary documents. A letter also has to be filled, which is filled in e-mirta, in such a situation, you can open an e-mitra and earn money by living in the village. To join the new schemes, people will be able to come and apply on e-mitra and will also be able to get their necessary documents done and many other paperwork like facilities will be available for work. Apart from this, people in the village will not have to go far to fill the job forms. You will have to invest a little in this

You will need a shop, it will have computer screen, printer, internet furniture and a board will also be put up outside and posters will have to be put up outside the shop for information about the new scheme recruitment exam result so that people can know. Friends, everyone needs E mitra, if this facility is not available in the village then you can open it and earn good money.

10. Farming

If you have land then farming can also be done or land can be taken on rent to someone. Grains can be grown in the field and sold in the village itself, otherwise you can go to the market and sell it and earn money by staying in the village. Can.

Apart from this, vegetables can also be grown as mentioned in the first point.

11. Local transport services

If the village is very big and there are a lot of people there, then you can provide transport service. If you have a four wheeler, you can transport people from one village to another along with the goods. You can also do transportation work. If you are thinking of doing this work and do not have a car, then you can buy a second hand car cheaply and earn money by living in the village.12.

12. Fertilizer Seed Shop

If there is more farming in the village and there are more farmers in the village, then you can provide the facilities of fertilizers, seeds and fertilizers to the farmers, which are very much needed by the farmers, along with this you can also provide pesticides and earn money by living in the village. .

13. Repair work

Today’s era has become completely technological; in every village, cars, machines and mobiles are the nearest ones. Therefore, a repair can also be done in the village. You can learn mobile repairing, TV fridge etc. If you think that this work cannot be done in the village because there are limited people, how many people will have their goods damaged, instead you can learn the work of bike car repairing and also tractor repairing. Learn this because almost everyone in the village has a vehicle. You can consider this according to demand.

14. Hotel

If there is a big highway near your village, then this will be the best way for you to earn money by staying in the village. You can open a small hotel of your own a little away from the highway because transporters travel on the highway and they have to provide food and drinks on the way. Whenever there is a need, they will definitely stay for some time. If you provide good facilities then your customers will be fixed, the next truck driver will stay with you and your hotel can run well.

Now there are some online ways through which you can earn money, in this you will need some knowledge and skill and will also have to give time, after this you can earn money by living in the village and that too online.

For this, you will need a smartphone or laptop and you will also have to have an internet connection. Only take daily recharge of 1.5 to 2 GB. You can take more than that. There are some ways for you, there are some platforms and websites through which you can earn online at home. and you will get money

It takes some time but you can earn very good money, you can earn around Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 per month and can even earn more.

Online ways to earn money while living in village


You all must know about YouTube, you can also earn money by making videos on it, in this you will have to create content videos yourself.

If you are very good in studies and can teach children, then you can also do the work of teaching any subject on YouTube. You can make dance comedy food recipe videos and upload them on YouTube.

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You can do blogging, you get a lot of views on blogging, many people are earning money from YouTube, among them only the blog creators are earning the most money. Apart from this, if you have any talent or skill, then you can make videos and post them as well as shorts videos. You can also upload, you will have to make and upload videos continuously, after that ad sense will start on your channel and you will start earning money.

16.Online Games

There are many such games on the internet by playing which you can earn money, but this money is not that much, you can earn it by playing in your free time and can spend on small expenses like mobile recharge.

Loco winzo and many other online games are also available

17. Instagram

Instagram is a big platform for earning money today. Everyone is earning money here. You can also earn money through Instagram by living in a village. For this, you have to create a profile or page on Instagram, after that you can post good posts, make videos and bring more followers. It is very important to have followers, for this, keep posting here which people like. If you like it and people get attracted, then promote the brands on your ID and you can earn money from them.

You will have to promote the goods of any brand through your page, for which you will get a link to that product and whoever buys something through the link, you will get commission.

18. Writing

If you have a little interest in writing or you can write big articles on any topic, then you can create your own website and write a blog.

What is a blog?

You must have searched something on Google at some time or the other, where a lot of websites open, after going to the website, you must have seen that big articles are written there, information must be written there, they are blogs, you can also create your own website.

Blogger.Com go and create a site, after that write your content and post it on time and you can earn money while living in the village.

19. Freelance work

Freelance simply means doing online job or doing work for someone else. There are some websites where brands and companies get the work done online. You can also work by going to freelance sites and earn money while staying in the village. For this, you should have some skills like computer knowledge, data entry, writing, design etc.

Once you go to the freelance sites and see the work, then learn the work you like on YouTube or somewhere else, after that you can come here and do that work for someone else and earn money. You will have to search the freelance sites from there. Some work has to be done.

Suggestion :

If you are thinking of doing any of these offline work, then you may get some free time in the village, then you can also do online work and earn good income.

All this information has been given to you to tell you how to earn money while living in the village. If you like the information and ideas given, then please let us know.

According to you, if there is any mistake in this then please tell us and if you have any other ideas then please give your opinion so that we can help people through the blog.

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