Earn money from home with Clickworker

How to earn money sitting at home or how to earn money online are two such lines which are searched a lot on Google. You must have also searched. You will find many such articles on Google in which you are told ways to earn money sitting at home. But the article I have brought for you today will be

About Clickworker company through which you can easily earn money sitting at home. Clickworker is a reputed company which is in existence from the year 2005 till date. In this, we are given some tasks to do, on completing which we get money. Now it is up to you how many tasks you complete in a day. The more tasks you complete, the more money you will be able to earn.

Brief information about Clickworker

company’s nameClickworker AG (clickworker)
MD of ClickworkerChristian Rozsenich
Company Headquarters (in Europe)Büropark Bredeney
Hatzper Str. 30
45149 Essen, Germany
Company Headquarters (in USA)2 Park Avenue, 20th Floor
New York, NY 10016 USA
official websitewww.clickworker.com
Contact (email)info@clickworker.com
WorkOnline micro-tasking and crowdsourcing platform
Company Typeprivate Limited company
company registrationISO/IEC 27001:2017

What is Clickworker?

This is a best online micro-tasking platform. In which people are hired for works like Data Validation, Data Entry, Content Moderation, Image Tagging, Web Research, Translation etc. We get paid after someone completes a given task. Through this online platform, we can complete all these tasks sitting at home and earn money. Those who want to earn money on part time basis can also earn money by joining ClickWorker.

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How to join Clickworker?

Joining Clickworker is very easy. For this you will have to open an account in Clickworker. To open an account, we have given some points below, by reading them carefully you can easily create an account.

  1. First of all you have to search Clickworker on Google. After which you will see its official website.
  2. After visiting the official website of Clickworker, options called “Get Started” or “Sign Up” will appear. Both these options will be on the home page of Clickworker.
  3. After clicking on “Get Started” or “Sign Up”, fill whatever basic details are asked from you. This information includes your name, email id, address, gender, pin code, state and country etc.
  4. After this, the language option will appear in front of you in which you can choose the language as per your choice.
  5. Now an option named Skills and Interests will appear in which you can give information according to your skills so that whoever you want to give work to can give it according to your skills.
  6. According to the qualification tests option, if you have chosen some special work, then you will have to give some tests and pass it also.
  7. Finally email verification will have to be done. In which you will get a link on your email, by clicking on that link you can complete this email verification.
  8. After doing all this your profile will be complete.

After completing all these processes, you can login to Clickworker. After login, the dashboard of Clickworker will appear, from here we can choose our task and earn money sitting at home.

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How to get payment from Clickworker?

You can select tasks by viewing them on Clickworker’s dashboard. Always choose a task which you can do well. Because whatever task you take, it has to be completed following the guidelines of Clickworker. After completing the task, that task has to be submitted. The Clickworker team reviews the task as soon as it is submitted. If the task is correct then you are paid. This payment is done through PayPal.

How to create an account in Paypal?

If you want to receive payment from Clickworker then it is mandatory for you to have a Paypal account. If you do not have an account on Paypal, you can create it easily. Go to your mobile’s Play Store. Type Paypal there and install it on your mobile. There is no need to take so much tension, you can use Paypal in the same way as you use Phone Pay, PayTm. In Paypal, UPI ID is considered as email ID only. To receive payment, give the email ID registered with Paypal to the next person.

Is Clickworker legal and safe?

This question revolves in everyone’s mind that is Clickworker legal, if we work on it we will get money, is it safe?
Clickworker is a reputed company which is in the market since 2005. This is a registered company. Therefore, you can consider Clickworker as legal and safe. Users from all over the world are connected to this company and are earning money sitting at home using it.

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To ensure that Clickworker is legal and safe, there are some points which you can easily understand by reading.

  • Privacy Policy: Clickworker is very strict about its and your privacy. For more information about this, read the privacy of Clickworker carefully.
  • Task Guidelines: Whatever task is given to you on Clickworker, some guidelines are given to do it. You have to complete the given task keeping the guidelines in mind.
  • Task Reviews: After completing the task, the task has to be submitted. This task is reviewed only after submitting it. You are paid only when the task is completed as per the given guidelines.
  • User Feedback: User feedback is a proven good way to know about any company. Go to Clickworker’s social account and get information about its feedback.

Can we earn money online sitting at home?

Yes, we can earn money online sitting at home. Clickworker is a platform. You can earn money by completing the tasks registered in it.

How long has Clickworker been running?

Clickworker has been running since 2005.

Is Clickworker legal and safe?

Yes, Clickworker is absolutely legal and safe.

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