Bharti Hexacom Limited IPO

Big news is coming for the telephone world of India! Bharti Hexacom Limited, a part of Bharti Airtel, is preparing to sell shares to the public for the first time. Let’s take a closer look at what this means for investors.

Brief information about the company

Bharti Hexacom Limited is a big name in Indian phone services. They provide mobile, fixed-line and broadband services in Rajasthan and North East. They have a lot of customers, over 27 million as of December 31, 2023, and are known for their good service.

IPO details

The IPO will start on April 3, 2024 and end on April 5, 2024. The company will sell 7.5 crore shares, but all of them will be sold not by the company but by the existing owners. Trading of shares on both BSE and NSE stock exchanges will begin from April 11, 2024. We don’t know yet how much each share will cost or how many you will need to buy at once.

IPO nameBharti Hexacom Limited IPO
Total shares to issue75,000,000 shares
share holding pre issue500,000,000
IPO opening dateWednesday, April 3, 2024
IPO closing dateFriday, April 5, 2024
IPO allotmentसोमवार, 8 अप्रैल, 2024
Initiation of refund  मंगलवार, 9 अप्रैल, 2024
Credit of shares in dematमंगलवार, 9 अप्रैल, 2024
IPO listingThursday, April 11, 2024
Cut-off for UPI Mandate VerificationApril 5, 2024 at 5 pm
खुदरा (न्यूनतम)126₹14,820
खुदरा (अधिकतम)1313 338₹192,660
एस-एचएनआई (न्यूनतम)14364₹207,480
एस-एचएनआई (अधिकतम)671,742₹992,940
बी-एचएनआई (न्यूनतम)681,768₹1,007,760

financial information

Bharti Hexacom has spent a lot of money, about ₹206 billion, on improving its digital services. They are focusing on getting more customers for their 4G and 5G networks. Right now, they have over 19 million data customers, the majority of which use 4G and 5G.

market potential

Phone services are extremely important in making everything digital in India. As more people use the Internet and need good phone connections, companies like Bharti Hexacom are likely to grow.

Investment Opportunities

This IPO is a big opportunity for investors to be a part of a company that is growing rapidly. Bharti Hexacom is well-known and performing well, making it an interesting option for people looking to invest their money.

At the end

The IPO of Bharti Hexacom Limited is a big deal, which shows how far the company has grown and how important it is in the Indian telephone world. As investors prepare for this opportunity, Bharti Hexacom is ready for the next chapter of its story.

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